About Us

Annie Rooster's Sally Ann's is a family owned business which started in November 2016. Our current inventory consist of 85% family estate items. 


The name "Annie Rooster's Sally Ann's" was created in memory of our Grand-Mother, "Annie Tucker" who loved her "Sally-Ann's" Thrift-Stores every Sunday after church. "Rooster" was her nickname. Our Grandmother was a southern born woman,  with an everyone is welcomed heart.  


Shopping In-Store will be very unique, fun, interesting, relaxing and private. Each room is "themed", staged and/or coordinated with life-size characters for our entertainment and enjoyment. 


Access is very limited and restricted without an appointment. Unfortunately children and pets may not be allowed or if permission is granted for children, we have a strict "you broke it congratulations you own it policy".  Our store items are rare, one-of-a-kind items and most items are NOT TOYS. Most of our characters are whimsical home/business decor masterpieces and some maybe age restricted. For example, we have a rare advertisement billboard from the 1950's of nude women or Fernando Botero art work.  


Online Shopping and Shipping is now available. Please refer to our shipping policies and specific items of interest for more details.